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Personal Training Sessions

When you begin with Strong Tribe, expect both aerobic and strength/conditioning work, using the outdoors as our tools.  Who wants to be stuck in a gym when you can get fit in the fresh air!

I will have you running around the park, jumping up and down on benches, using trees, goal posts and logs to make each personal training session interesting and varied. 


For strength and conditioning work, your core is where it's at. Without a strong core or foundation, you can't have strong balanced body. 

I'm into Bodyweight and Calisthenics training. I use Resistance Bands, DVRT Sandbags, RMT Clubs, CrossCore 180 Suspension. All of these disciplines and tools are Core based. 

Done safely! 

I train beginners, professional athletes and those recovering from operation.  

The focus is on you, what you want. 

I have a passion for learning about the human body and keeping up with the advances in science. This, along with my athletic and dance training, I pass onto you. 

I like to work hard. I hope you do too! 

Contact me via email or on the form below to book.

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