Personal Training Sessions

Catering for beginners who are yet to step into their first pair of trainers, or recovering from an injury, to those of training for an event or to be in the best physical shape you can be, my personal training sessions mean just that: Personalised attention.  A focus on you, what you want and a plan to get you there with measurable goals – providing all the tools needed to improve your fitness, athleticism and wellness.    

When you begin with Strong Tribe, expect both aerobic and strength/conditioning work, using the outdoors as our tools.  Who wants to be stuck in a gym when you can get fit in the fresh air!

I will have you running around the park, jumping up and down on benches, using trees, goal posts and logs to make each personal training session interesting and varied. 


For conditioning work, I use resistance bands which achieve great results and are safe for everyone to use.  More beneficial than weights, resistance bands make the body control its reaction to each movement on more than one vector for a full body workout.  Varying the exercise and target muscle groups, we will work on suspension training to stretching, improving the heart rate as we alter the intensity, using more muscle fibres than traditional gym equipment, ultimately providing the key to losing weight and gaining strength

If all this sounds intimidating, never fear!  Just keep strong in spirit and I will help you get strong in body.  My training in dance and tai chi as well as my work with the Balance Performance Physiotherapy Clinic enhances the way I observe the bodys movement to ensure you exercise safely - which is especially important if you are in rehabilitation following an injury.  Contact me via email or on the form below to book.


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